Cambo Thailand

Cambo offers a high quality product produced with care and attention based upon over 65 years of accumulated expertise and experience.

Specialist Architectural Cameras, Digital applications, REPRO Solutions, an extensive range of Studio stands, Shooting tables and other Studio accessories – or an exciting new range of compact, portable HDSLR/Video supports for today’s videographer – whatever your specialist need.

The Best 50 photography products of 2012

Cambo wide RS Cameras, recomended by the British journal of Photography
Product name: WRS-5000

WRS-AE / WRS-Anniversary Edition

To celebrate Cambo’s 65th year in manufacturing professional camera systems, Cambo have announced a limited edition of the Wide RS System. The ‘Cambo Wide RS Anniversary Edition’ will be limited to 65 certified sets presented in a high quality recessed customised case.

Each set will include a Wide RS camera body in either black or titanium finish equipped with hand crafted ergonomic wooden handgrips.

A new vertical gear system has been designed on the rear of the camera to compensate for additional weight when using a digital camera back.

Two new lenses are included to complement the camera; the Schneider Super-Digitar 28XL and the Apo-Digitar 43XL. The Apo-Digitar 43XL is supplied mounted in a tilt/swing lens panel and both are finished to match the Wide RS colour. To complete the set a groundglass/fresnel lens and digital back interface will be supplied together with the new Cambo RS Loupe kit. The RS Loupe kit is a 3x Schneider optic loupe mounted on a repositionable plate on the rear of the RS to ensure accurate focussing.

The owner will be able to choose an available edition number between 1 and 65 and a certificate of the original production and authenticity will accompany the Anniversary edition.

Ultima Digital 23 series

Combo’s Ultima 23 is the ideal camera system for use with digital backs, either with a direct mounting plate for backs with live video focusing or with a sliding or multistep sliding back.

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