Foba studio stands are indispensable for quality-conscious studio photographers.

The guarantee absolute stability for shake-free shots – even with the heaviest cameras. And FOBA studio stands are quickly adjusted and perfectly fixed. This gives that decisive edge on speed, with optimal safety and ergonomic handling for maximum output.

FOBA studio stands are tough and well-balanced. Vertical and horizontal alignment is child’s play with 24 individually adjustable ball-bearings.

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AROBE M DSS ALPHA M motor driven

This motor driven stand, based on the AROBE (DSS ALPHA) model, is used when high precision, but not quite as high as the one of an industrial robot is needed. The cabled remote control makes this stand the ideal tool for measuring or shooting in closed or inaccessible quarters.
Four 24V motors allow all necessary movements.

For heavy cameras, an additional counterweight ASGUO can be built in into the shaft. For lightweight cameras, a spigot with the appropriate counterweight can be mounted on the other side of the beam.
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AROBI (DSS-GAMMA) studio stand


  • Height 2.0 m (up to 2.7 m at extra charge)
  • Weight 72 kg
  • Lifting capacity without additional counterweight: 3 kg
  • Overall beam length 90 cm
  • Full frame 645 format
  • Rotary scale
  • Horizontal and vertical traverse scale
  • 2 camera mountings 3/8″
  • At the crosspiece 2 holders for trays
  • Rigid steel column
  • Cast-iron base with double pedal and shock absorber for a gentle lowering of the stand


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